Spring in Switzerland

April 2017

Willkommen Frühling! (Welcome Spring!)

The beginning of spring has always been one of my favourite times of year. This year, however, it has seemed especially welcome. It felt like a long, cold, dark winter and I feel more happy and alive as the earth has started to wake up! Parker and I discovered we are allergic to all of Zürich in the spring…  But it’s so beautiful it’s hard to be mad!

We had the fortunate opportunity for my parents to come and visit us. We had a great time exploring Zürich and the nearby areas. We also took a day trip to Bern, organized by my dad, to meet the Apostolic Nuncio of Switzerland for lunch. All in all, we are off to a good start to spring!


We did not have a balcony in San Francisco so we have enjoyed getting to plant herbs and flowers here. Parker did a great job of crafting hanging pots.




The Zürich Succulent and Cacti Greenhouse


Enge vineyard, in the middle of the city!


Downtown Zürich


Makes me happy


View at the end of Sechseläuten parade in Downton Zürich (from the top of the ferris wheel!)


Yes, the Zürich Tradition is to blow up a snowman, i.e. the BÖÖGG! The faster the head blows up, the warmer and nicer the summer. It’s a similar tradition to the American Groundhog day. This year, it went up in 11 mins (compared to lass year in nearly 45 mins). Such a silly but fun tradition and we were happy to check it out.


International Beer Bar


Hiking Uetliberg (mountain directly adjacent to the City of Zurich)



Day trip to Bern, Switzerland


His Excellency, Archbishop Gullickson, following a lovely mass in his private chapel and lunch at his residence.


Downtown Bern


Cheers to a great visit!

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