24.07.2017 – 29.07.2017

We purchased tickets to see the new Harry Potter play, The Cursed Child, over a year ago. After patiently waiting, it was finally time to head to London to experience the magic! I am a huge HP nerd, there’s no shame in my wizard game. While ideally this trip would have been a non-stop study into a central setting of the wizarding world, I was kindly informed that there was more to see in London. Fine, fine… (But okay, the two part play was seriously impressive! The way they made magic come to life on stage was beautiful, exciting, and fun to watch!)

As we tend to do while traveling, we drank delicious pints of beer and ate a wide variety of food. And no, British food isn’t awful. We tried traditional pies from a pub, incredible Indian fare (did you know chicken tikka masala is the national dish of the UK?), Chinese street food, Thai, kebab (PSA: It always sounds like a good choice, and it is NEVER a good choice), fish and chips, scotch eggs, and more! Our tummies were happy and always full.

London is a massive and impressive city in many aspects. We were only able to visit a fraction of the museums and galleries. The shopping is insane and this was a rare trip where we did a bit of that (strangely we have started wearing holes in the soles of our shoes from all this traveling, go figure). We enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with Parker’s cousin, Billy Jr., who lives in London. He kindly provided excellent recommendations and joined us for The Cursed Child. Overall it was a great trip and we look forward to returning some day to continue exploring!

The Stats: 
70,398 Steps
7 Tube Rides
5 Red Double Decker Buses
2 Trains
2 Trams
2 Flights

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 08.23.00.png




P1010226 (1)
One of many many stops for a pint at a pub


Spotted: Yet another tourist at the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben






Churchill’s War Rooms — One of the most informative and interesting museums we have ever visited. Every hole from a push pin on the maps indicates a boat lost during WW2,



The National Gallery







Camden Market — Such a cool place filled with dozens and dozens of shops selling pretty much everything you could imagine.






Rachel’s new residence at Liberty London


It was all so beautiful it was physically painful.
High Tea at Cafe Royal




The British Museum


Delicious Indian dinner on Brick Lane


YESS!! The entire reason for our visit! Such an incredibly well done play!


St. James’ Park




Imperial War Museum (signs from WW1 trenches)




St. Paul’s Cathedral (and an Australian family)


Harry Potter Bridge…I mean the Millenium Bridge over the Thames


Borough Market (aka food heaven)




IMG_20170728_130057 (1)

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