New to Zürich: Swimming, Picnics, Sunsets, Repeat


After months of preparing, the time finally came for our big move! Parker began work right away while Rachel worked with a relocation consultant to find housing. Zürich is absolutely beautiful and we were eager to begin exploring. We quickly learned that the Swiss truly appreciate the outdoors and so we spent as much time as possible on the water and enjoying countless picnics and barbecues. Not a bad way to spend our first month.


Welcome to Zürich on an uncharacteristically foggy summer day. 


We stayed in a (small) flat of corporate housing when we first arrived. This gave us time to begin our “home-finding search” in the highly competitive rental market. 


A timely gift from Rachel’s parents. It was a very disorienting first few weeks in our new home. Not being able to understand those around you or read anything presents quite a challenge. We quickly learned to celebrate the small victories… so basically every aspect of our daily lives. 


Dozens of locals float down the Limmat River to cool off from the hot summer days (highs in the low 90sF). Out group was particularly jealous of the herds of unicorn floaties.  


Our inflatable parade complete with beer and snacks.


Sometimes life is so hard.


Barbecue along the shores of the Limmat River after a long day on the water. It would stay light out in the evenings until around 22:00 (that’s 10pm y’all).


A lakeside dinner at the Norwegian Rowing Club.


In the tower of Grössmunster (Church) in Old Town overlooking Lake Zürich and the Limmat River. Our apartment is beyond and off to the right (about a 15 min. tram ride).


Sunbathers and swimmers along the shore of Lake Zürich. 


The lake water is extremely cold but felt amazing and was crystal clear. If you look closely you can start to see the Alps in the far distance.


At long last (nearly four weeks) it was time to pack up and move into our permanent flat. We were beyond excited to no longer live out of suitcases (as we had for the past three months). 


We moved with no furniture so a large Ikea trip was in order. The Swiss have very specific recycling requirements, so Parker worked hard to get our cardboard looking it’s very best.

Tacos for our first night in our new flat. We already miss the wide variety of food in SF.


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