Glühwein + Bierocks



While back in Kansas last month, my grandmother made a delicious and old family recipe. These fluffy, sweet buns are stuffed full of ground beef and cabbage and are oh so good. Parker grew up eating what his Grammie calls “Bierocks.” My Grandma Weber calls them “runza.” Whatever your name of choice, these tasty buns are a long-established classic of the Mid-West. Our Volga German ancestors brought this tradition with them as the immigrated to the US many years ago. On a cold Sunday afternoon, we decided to try our hand at this classic. We also made a big batch of glühwein [a ubiquitous cold weather drink, essentially mulled/spiced wine]. Our feast paired nicely with a Harry Potter movie marathon and a new board game to play. Prost und frohe Weihnachten!





Mandatory bierock-making uniform = Christmas PJs








Next step, raid the bar for some glühwein.


The base syrup is made a variety of ways. We elected to use vanilla bean, cinnamon stick, whole cloves, lemon/lime/orange peels.


Add all of this to water and sugar and let boil until reduced and thickened.


Add rum and wine, warm through and enjoy.
Oh so good


Our Swiss advent “wreath”


A new game, Jaipur + molasses cookies + glühwein


Our Christmas shrub – he’s a little guy to suit our little flat.


When you forget your christmas cookie cutters in storage, you get elephant gingerbread.


3 thoughts on “Glühwein + Bierocks

  1. The dough looks nice and thin which lets the filling express itself. I like plenty of black pepper with whatever you generational gals mix in there for the ingredients.


  2. thumbing through and saw your site. stopped and took a quick look. RUNZAS!!!!
    I push them on my norwegian every once in a while. as a short cut I use frozen bread dough. always fantastic!


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